Creating iFrames

iFrames are Inline frames. They allow you to load HTML files into an existing document.

New HTML documents can be loaded into the iframe without disrupting the rest of the document. Any modern web browser will be able to display this HTML element.

Step # 1. Download the iframe_template.html. “right click” on the link on this line and save the linked file to your website folder.

Step # 2. Open the downloaded iframe_template in Dreamweaver and copy and paste the iframe into the html document you want the frame in. Move the iframe around by clicking on the square in the top left corner and resize it to the size you want.

Step # 3. Create an html document and name it “home.html” this will be the document that appears in the iframe by default. You can then go ahead and create various html pages for your other pages

Step # 4. Click on a button that you want to link into the iframe. Under target in the properties window enter “main” This will target your button to the iframe.